Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy that focuses on the muscles, joints, connective tissues and nerves of the pelvis, low back and hips. It specifically focuses on the pelvic floor muscles, which have important roles in bladder/bowel health, sexual function and core strength.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy can help men and women experiencing any of the following conditions or symptoms:

During the initial assessment, your physiotherapist will use external and internal techniques to thoroughly assess your pelvic floor muscles and surrounding structures. Treatment typically involves a combination of hands-on manual therapy, individualized exercises, and education. 

Note: if you have extended health coverage for physiotherapy, pelvic health physiotherapy sessions will be covered. You do not need a referral to be assessed or treated by a physiotherapist; however, some insurance companies do require a physician’s referral to get the cost of physiotherapy reimbursed.

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