Price vs. Quality? Are all Physiotherapy Clinics the Same?

Mar29th 2018

Are All Physiotherapy Clinics the Same? We have Your Answer!

So your friend or doctor has told you that you should see a physiotherapist about that pesky elbow pain that’s been bothering you for the last few months but how do you choose the right provider? Could you expect the same treatment anywhere you go? Chances are when you make a lot of purchases you do your research first, asking friends and checking online. Here are a few important questions to ask before making your first physiotherapy appointment.

Will my first visit be 1 hour with the physiotherapy?

The initial visit is key to coming up with an accurate treatment plan for your care. Your physiotherapist should run through a thorough report of your injury history, do the needed objective tests to come up with a clear diagnosis, discuss your goals for treatment, and explain the findings to you. All of these things ultimately come together and make up your treatment plan and should lay out what you can expect in treatment. If your visit is a quick check from the physiotherapist, they will have no choice but to skip steps and not be thorough enough.

Do I see my physiotherapist every visit?

Remember, when you go for a physiotherapy visit, you’re paying for physiotherapy, not just a physiotherapy assistant or kinesiologist. You should have sufficient 1-on-1 time with your physiotherapist at every visit in order for them to provide services such as manual therapies, dry needling, acupuncture, and to assess your progress towards your goals to change treatment if needed. Of course, physiotherapy assistants and kinesiologists are important parts of rehabilitation, but if you barely see your physiotherapist at your appointment, you might be at the wrong place.

Are my treatments provided in private treatment rooms?

A common misconception of physiotherapy is that it’s a line-up of treatment beds maybe divided by curtains in a big gym. Doesn’t sound like a private and comfortable place to have a conversation about your aches and pains with your physiotherapist! Keeping treatments in private rooms allows patients to have confidential conversations with their therapist so that all of their thoughts can be voiced in a comfortable environment.

Has my physiotherapist taken professional development courses and are new treatment techniques available at the clinic?

Physiotherapy has changed a lot over the years and your therapist should be up to date with current professional development. Have they taken manual therapy, soft tissue release, dry needling, and acupuncture courses? Are new, evidence-informed modalities such as Radial Shockwave Therapy and GameReady Pneumatic Compression available at the clinic. Or are you just getting a TENS machine and ice pack?

When you’re calling around to choose the best physiotherapy clinic for you, make sure you have a few questions ready to ask so that you can make an informed decision. Remember, that better service may cost a little more, however, receiving quality and detailed treatments usually mean less total visits and a quicker recovery.

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