Patient Testimonials

  • My experience at Peach Physiotherapy has been nothing short of amazing! I had surgery on my left knee through the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic in London, and have been doing rehab at Peach Physio since last June. This is my 3rd knee reconstruction surgery and I was worried how I would bounce back this time. The entire staff at Peach Physio are so welcoming and friendly, from the girls at the front desk to the physios and physio assistants, and they go out of their way to make you feel right at home. Steven pushed me to get me back to where I was before the surgery; a place I never thought I would get back to. Through innovative and well thought-out exercise routines, technology (especially the GameReady Cold Compression therapy after a tough session!) and regular checkups, I always felt on track to reach my goals. Peach Physio has allowed me to get back to living a highly active lifestyle – both recreationally and professionally. I would highly recommend Peach Physio to anyone who is in need of rehab because they will do everything in their power to get you to where you need (and want) to be, and make it a highly enjoyable experience along the way. Thank you so much to Steve and his staff, you guys are awesome!

    - Pete W.
  • I cannot express how highly I recommend Steven Peach and his incredible staff. I booked my initial appointment having had multiple issues with joint pain, back pain and just an overall feeling of aches and stiffness. Steven listened at each and every visit to how I was doing, what was working, what was not. He gave me a personalized treatment plan and reviewed it at each and every visit. On the days that I was feeling like I was taking steps backward in my treatment, he was always so encouraging and offered support. His support staff are amazing as well. They are so caring, compassionate and patient. I feel the best that I have in a very long time. I 100% recommend Peach Physiotherapy. Thank you Peach Physiotherapy!

    - Yvette A.
  • I strongly recommend Kate Peach for Pelvic Health Physio. She is extremely professional while still being personable and relatable. I always felt comfortable talking with Kate about my concerns, despite the intimate and private nature of the topics. Each session was very informative and I left knowing exactly what our plan was to reach my goals. After I had my baby, Kate helped me strengthen my pelvic floor and core muscles which allowed me to transition back into my regular exercise routine. Kate also helped with the healing process of my C-Section scar – something I didn’t even know was possible before seeing her! I truly believe every woman should see a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist after they have a baby and Kate is the perfect one to see in our community!

    - Heather M.
  • For several years I had suffered from constant pain around my shoulder blade. I decided I would try physiotherapy to see if it could help so I phoned Peach Physiotherapy. I am so happy with my results and the service I received there. From the office admin staff to my physiotherapist to the kinesiologist/therapy assistant, they were all wonderful. Rose did a thorough assessment, explained her findings to me and built a specific treatment plan for my needs and modified it as needed. I highly recommend this team for your physiotherapy needs!

    - Ashley P.
  • Peach Physiotherapy and Wellness are amazing! I have had different treatments to help different concerns ranging from small muscular overuse injuries to rehabilitation after surgery. I love to exercise and live an active lifestyle and Peach Physiotherapy did everything they could to get me back to my regular routine as soon as possible! I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about a very professional and dedicated approach to their recovery. Thanks guys! You are awesome!

    - Eric S.
  • I had a wonderful experience at Peach Physiotherapy. They have an extremely friendly staff. Brett and Kelly were so instrumental in my recovery; they gave me the proper exercises and made sure to monitor my progress from week to week. On top of that, they were my best cheerleaders, encouraging me along the way! The whole atmosphere at Peach is phenomenal and I highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you!

    - Tracy D.
  • My son was born with a rare condition that causes delays in gross motor development during the infant and toddler years. The medical recommendation for physiotherapy is that the therapist be either experienced or researched in the condition. 

    After having little success with therapy during his first year of life, a friend mentioned Kate. I scheduled a consultation with her but kept my expectations low just in case she didn’t feel that she would be confident working with him. I was so wrong. During the first appointment, we went over all of his medical history and complexities. She listened, asked meaningful questions and at the end was enthusiastic about working with him. I cried as I walked out the door of Peach Physiotherapy that evening. I was relieved to finally find the help that I had been so desperately needing.

    By the second appointment, Kate had learned all about his condition and safe approaches to therapy for him. She engaged in different play exercises with him using songs, toys and equipment. She also modeled some fun activities that I could do at home with him. We continued regular sessions with her and over the course of the next two months, I could not believe how much stronger he became and the progress he made. It was incredible. As a therapist and a parent, Kate understands how important each small gain is and celebrates them with me. 

    Kate truly has a special way with children and their diverse needs, and has expertise in her field. An added bonus is that you can’t help but instantly like her as a person. 

    Working with Kate changed the trajectory of my son’s development in such a positive way. If you are considering whether physiotherapy could help, book a consultation with Kate. It may be one of the best things you do for you and your child. 

    - A Grateful CK Mom
  • I highly recommend Peach Physiotherapy. Everyone is very knowledgeable and they always have a friendly greeting for their patients. Last year I did rehab with Steve after an arm fracture and can’t say enough about my positive experience. I am now seeing Kate. She has put together a plan of action for my balance concerns and is helping me with strength-building exercises. She has encouraged me to attempt things I would not have tried on my own. She is amazing. Steve and Kate are the best physiotherapists!!!

    - Bonnie T.
  • 5 stars for Peach Physio! The staff is friendly, helpful and punctual. Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatments were individualized, thoughtful and thorough. They helped get me back to a much better state! Thank you Matt and Steve!

    - Daylene T.
  • Brett was courteous, understanding, helpful and knowledgeable when it came to rehabbing my wrist injury! He was able to explain all the exercises that I had to do at home efficiently and ensured I had the proper equipment to work on my program of care. Overall, I would recommend Peach Physio to anyone looking for knowledgeable and compassionate individuals who are there to improve your quality of life!

    - Michael H.
  • My daughter is a competitive dancer, and was dealing with some aches and pains associated with the sport. The Peach Team set out a plan and helped her meet her goals for recovery and injury prevention. Rose is awesome! Every time we walk in the doors we are met with professionalism and a smile. Would highly recommend!

    - Lisa C.
  • My son saw Kate for a Plagiocephaly assessment and we had a great experience! We left with a treatment plan and Kate was sure to follow up. Everyone there was friendly and caring and it was a great atmosphere. We will definitely return for any future family physio needs!

    - Jessica B.
  • I have always received the best care here. Professional and friendly staff are always available to answer questions and provide the latest treatment options. Rose is patient and highly knowledgeable; she always pushes and supports me in reaching my goals. I have and will continue to highly recommend Peach Physiotherapy.

    - Shawne W.