Our Team

Steven Peach

Steven Peach, PT, MPT, BHK, Physiotherapist/Clinic Owner

Steven was born and raised in Chatham and dreamed early on of becoming a Physiotherapist and opening a clinic to serve his hometown community. His first step towards achieving this goal was earning a Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree at the University of Windsor, where he graduated with distinction. Learning about the human body in such depth and detail solidified his interest in physiotherapy, prompting him to relocate to London to earn his Master of Physical Therapy degree at Western University. In 2014, he combined his professional training with his lifelong dream and opened the doors to Peach Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre.

Steven’s curiosity and passion to help community members maximize their mobility has earned him the title of “lifelong learner.” He recognizes that best practices in rehabilitation care are continuing to evolve and improve, and that each patient has unique needs. To stay on top of this information and meet the needs of his patients, he regularly completes graduate courses to enhance the service he can provide. Recent courses include GLA:D Osteoarthritis training, concussion management, manual therapy, dry needling and acupuncture. It is this passion for supporting the community that earned Steven the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2018.

When not at Peach Physiotherapy, you can find Steven playing hide-and-seek with his two year old daughter Isla, golfing at Maple City Country Club, attending community festivals, and holding out hope for a Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl victory!